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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

KVK Pathanamthitta on Jack Fruit Promotion - Manorama News - Big B programme - You Tube Link

Click the below link to view Manorama News Big B programme on You Tube about  KVK Pathanamthitta on Jack Fruit Promotion 

Monday, August 25, 2014


  Smt. Annie Kurien, “Veekeys foods”, Kozhencherry 
displaying her specialty  ‘jack tikka’, ‘jack bajji’,
‘Jackfruit fritters’, jack pickle’ and ‘jack kofta’.
  Smt. Annie Kurien conducting demonstration session
for the EDP trainees from Meghalaya
Smt. Annamma Peter, “Dreams foods”, Thumpamon 
with her commercial choices, ‘jack finger chips’ and  ‘jack mixture’.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Country’s first Jackfruit soft drink launched

          A Maharshtrian company, Unico Frutz has launched country’s first jackfruit soft drink recently. Starting from the beginning of this year, it is till now being introduced in five districts. The natural drink is made available in attractive collapsible pouches imported from China.

Mr Shripad M Mondkar, Proprietor of the company says that it is being received well even in Nagpur, Yavatmal and Pune districts where it is now being newly marketed. “These are not jackfruit growing areas and they generally don’t know the taste of ripe jackfruit”, he adds. The 200 ml pouch is priced at Rs 20.
          Unico Fruits has its administrative office in Thane while the factory is located in Sindhudurg district’s Kudal. “Getting right kind of fruits at right time was a problem”, points out Shripad, “but slowly the situation is changing. We are now approaching big jackfruit farmers of Khanapur near Belgaum.”
          Unico Fruitz has a processing capacity of 20 tonnes of jackfruit pulp a day. But at present they are producing only around 3-4 tonnes. Their procurement price is Rs 4-5 per kilo of whole fruit.
          The company, apart from making soft-drink, intends to market jackfruit pulp this year. “Last year, there was good enquiries from Mumbai’s Mithaiwalahs”, recalls Mr Mondkar, “They have plans to make toffee, modak etc from phanas pulp for the Ganesh festival season.”

The softdrink being enjoyed at Dapoli Conference
The pioneering jackfruit drink, named as ‘Mondys’ had recently made its presence in Dapoli Jackfruit seminar organized by BSKKV Agricultural University and the subsequent International Jackfruit Conference hosted bu UAS Bangalore. At UAS Bangalore, Mr Shripad Mondkar was felicitated for his contribution to Jackfruit development.

SM Mondkar’s contact : 09323049353 ,       Report : Shree Padre –

Thursday, October 31, 2013




As part of project on"Establishment of Primary Processing Centre for Jack fruit" an orientation training programme for identification of jackfruit varieties and selection of stakeholders of the project was conducted on 9,10,11 october 2013 at KVK Pathanamthitta.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


                 Background: It is identified that ‘JACKFRUIT’ is a potential fruit for ensuring food security. Jack fruit which is known as a heavenly fruit is grown in almost all the homesteads in Pathanamthitta district. Beside the estimated production of 10million fruits, it goes wasted. Our emphasis have been ensuring employment and income generation opportunity for rural mass particularly rural women by making best use of underutilized fruits  such as Jackfruit, papaya, pineapple ,bilimbi, rose apple, plantain that are  grown in homesteads and jack in particular. It is estimated that a jackfruit earn less than five rupees per fruit especially for ‘Kuzha’ variety which has  fibrous  soft textured edible part with high perishability got less consumer acceptance but mostly use for chips making and  as cattle feed.  KVK identified its potential for processing and value addition to be a money spinning venture through a systematic approach. It is convinced that a jackfruit with 10Kg.evidently yield a net income of more than Rs.500/-.  Interventions:
                Process& Technology:  KVK since 1997 has been taking serious effort in popularising jack as a nutritious and healthy fruit through various refinement and product development strategies to make best use of this most wasted fruit in the district. With an aim to makeover for Jack fruit, KVK within its mandates worked out set of programmes. The major issues that KVK encountered in the process of revolutionize jackfruit and its products are:
·           Lack of scientific expertise in processing & preservation, food safety & quality control.
·         High genetic variability – making it as a limitation but some time an advantage too.
·           Inaccessibility of technological and infrastructural facilities for quality production, packaging, labelling techniques.
·            Absence of organized market channel interventions.
·           Absence of technology backstopping and skill up gradation to women stakeholders.
·           Lack of technical facilitation in accessing institutional support for home scale women entrepreneurs.

As part of this venture KVK developed a set pattern of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as a guideline series of traditional and technological jack products which otherwise was a major impediment in home scale production practices. KVK has taken initiative to train the entrepreneurs of food processing sector on packaging and labelling with reference to GMP, setting up of facilitation centres, registration and licensing, quality control measures and effective marketing strategies.
 KVK has conducted 3 On-farm trials and 2 Front line demonstrations in post harvest practises of jackfruit to refine the technological products where in refinement of blending technique for jackfruit was a breakthrough in enhancing consumer acceptance and quality of value added products from jackfruit. As a result KVK refined 23 numbers of value added products of jackfruit for both ‘Kuzha’ (which is highly perishable and fibrous) and ‘varikka’(hardy type having good texture and is of commercial importance with prolonged shelf life). Further in order to augment quality and shelf life of traditional products GMP were suitably modified and adopted for each of product.  Our effort has also been refining the traditional products which have much demand in local market.  Now KVK has listed about 25 technological and 41 traditional products to our credit which is substantially producing and marketed by KVK trained entrepreneurs in and around the district. Stakeholders have been demanding larger number of skilled training programmes of orientation and vocational nature from our agro-processing lab. KVK initiated trainings on the basis of seasonal availability of crops using the seasonality chart for trainings.  KVK has conducted 89 orientation programmes and 10 vocational training programmes to benefit 2710 stakeholders of which 55% are women 18% are SC/ST.
                         With regard to technology dissemination and marketing, it was our first effort in the State to organize a state level workshop on jackfruit with the support from NHM and NABARD during 2009  the workshop named PANASAM-09’, which were attended by over 150 participants resulted in renewing thoughts on the potential of jackfruit in the State which subsequently paved way for launching a blog on jackfruit 2010 called www.panasamwonders which has over 68409 hits in last three years and 109 followers from over 12 countries. Understanding the potential of jackfruit, NABARD during 2010 has deputed a team of NGO functionaries from Jharkhand to train at KVK.
Years of continuous effort of KVK on promoting ‘jackfruit as wonder fruit’, which is grown organic by default has now started yielding result by evoking positive trend. Our intervention in promoting jackfruit has brought out substantial number of women entrepreneurs specialised in agro-processing and value addition of fruits and vegetables. One among them is Dr.Meena,a   homeopathic practitioner from Ayroor Grama Panchayath of Pathanamthitta district:
Timeline of entrepreneurship development of entrepreneur
Dr.Meena who hails from Ayroor Panchayath have been well associated with KVK since 2007 and undergone several vocational training programmes on processing and value addition of jackfruit and other under exploited fruits & Mushroom cultivation and its value addition. Besides this she has also successfully completed IGNOU course on Awareness programme on value addition of fruits and vegetables. Dr.Meena was also one among 100 selected trainees under the food security Project of Govt. of Kerala which was implemented by KVK during 2009-’10, where in it was envisaged to explore the potential of under exploited fruits to provide livelihood option to rural women and to set up a standard model for small scale entrepreneur using Good Manufacturing Practices for under exploited fruits and also to establish a ‘Common Facility Centre’ at KVK. Having learn much from KVK and her quest for knowledge on value addition  specially on traditional products Dr. Meena started her venture on  mushroom production   and value addition unit during 2007-‘08. She was then linked with District Industries Centre and supported to take SSI registration to start micro enterprise in processing and value addition of technological and traditional agro-products and bagged FSSAI registration also. Now she produces 17 numbers of products and sells in the brand name known ‘Yummy’. Besides being a homeopathic practitioner she shifted her focus to value addition and product development as a recognition won prizes in several occasion.                                            

Timeline of entrepreneurship development
2007   June
In touch with KVK
2007   June
Participated  one day training in Mushroom cultivation
2007 September
Undergone   vocational training in Mushroom cultivation & value addition for 5 days.
2007 November
 Initiates  small scale mushroom production unit
2007 December
Seek advice from KVK  on packaging  methods for  mushroom
2008 March
Initiates  mushroom processing with the guidance from KVK
2008 September
 Selected as Stake holder of OFT on blending technique for jackfruit
2008  December         
 to 2009  June
 Active participation in Follow up meets  / group discussions/ex-trainees meet etc.
2009 –May

Participated in PANASAM-’09.
Actively involved with KVK in product refinement/development of jackfruit.
2009 September
Undergone capacity building and orientation programmes and take part actively in the project under food security programme of Govt. of Kerala.
2009 November
Undergone IGNOU course on agro-processing and value added products from fruit and  vegetables at  KVK
2010 January
 Strategic plan for initiating small scale agro-processing unit with special emphasis to jackfruit.
2010 February
Get  SSI registration from District industries Centre (DIC) and  subsequently license from Ayroor Grama  Panchayath
2010 March
Product tandardization at her own level and developed  flow charts for variety of products in consultation with KVK
2010 March
KVK renders support to designing and develop packaging models and mandatory label for her brand products proposed.
2010 April
Commence  production making use of facilities at Agro-processing Hub of  KVK
2010 April
Chooses   brand name Known “Yummy” for the products.
2010  June
Commenced marketing of products through APDC at KVK and other outlets in the district.
2011   June

Participated in National Jack fest 2011 held at Trivandrum and receives prizes for her products under novel jackfruit products and indigenous jack products category.
  Master trainer of KVK in agro-processing and value addition of fruits and vegetables.
 Attended EDP  and sensitization programmes in jackfruit.
  Conducting trials /Own innovations  in variety jack fruit products and upgrading facilities of ‘Yummy’ foods.

                       In her word “KVK has given me strength to empower myself despite all odds that I have faced in my life. I am happy that i am one among most successful entrepreneurs of KVK Pathanamthitta.” Now Dr. Meena believes that her regular contacts with KVK helped her to recoup her potentials and to engender her commitment towards the society.

Dr. Meena- A person with good vision

Dr.Meena with her workers
Jackfruit Halwa

  A list of “Yummy Jack fruit products

Yummy’s”Jack seed chutney powder &Raw jack pickle
Trials !!!
  In front of “Yummy”unit

“Yummy” products

Dr.Meena’s Article on jackfruit processing