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Thursday, July 8, 2010

‘Jack Flower’- unique way of opening Jackfruits

In India, the motherland of Jackfruit, there is diversity not only in jackfruit varieties, but in ways in which the ripe fruit is opened.
See the photo. This farmer from Tumkur, Karnataka was selling lose fruit lets of their outstanding variety of Jackfruit in recently held Jackfruit workshop at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India.
See how beautifully he has opened the fruit. In Belgaum, the fresh fruit sellers have a different unique way of opening Jackfruits. Can any jack-lovers expose pix of such uniquely opened jackfruit pix from other areas of India and other countries and kindly post in this blog?

Pix and Text by Shree Padre

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  1. I have shared a link of your sight on my page to send others to your sight. I have also shared one of your pictures as I did not see a copy right mark, however, if you would rather I not share your information please let me know and I will remove it when I get it. I enjoyed visiting your sight. thank you


Thank you for your valuable comment